Jennifer McDonald | Jenny Dawn Cellars | Photo Credit: Tiffany Cody

The greatest lesson learned through my entrepreneurial journey was to never go alone. Currently, I have 5 amazing investors, dozens of peer mentors, and a host of business and wine-making mentors. Thus, I feel 100 percent supported! If I ever run into any problems or issues that I do not…

Photo Courtesy: Melida Cohen

Without question, we’re living in the land of uncertainty but equally the land of unprecedented opportunity — perhaps the most lucrative in modern history. Due to the mass re-shifting of economic landscapes, entrepreneurship continues to skyrocket at an unprecedented rate. Quite frankly, there is no shortage of opportunity and advancement…


The Dream Ambassador | Breakthrough Messenger | Media Influencer | Brand Messenger | CEO of Dream Wide World, LLC. “Dream A BIGGER Dream!” >>>

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