ChoicePoints Learning Partners With Georgetown University To Host 2-Day Virtual Workshop On Race Relations

If the year 2020 has taught us anything, it has opened our eyes to so many things such as the brevity of life itself, the volatility of the economy, the instability of job security, and the ongoing inequality of mankind to name a few. This abrupt, interruption of life provoked by the global pandemic has shaken us to the deepest parts of our humanity and awakened us to live in a new paradigm, a new normal going forward.

ChoicePoints Learning (CPL) in partnership with Georgetown University is bringing real and relevant solutions in how we deal with race relations within our homes, communities, organizations, and country at large. Introducing WOKE: Creating A New Normal, One Conversation At A Time is a 2-day virtual workshop experience held on Thursday, October 1 and Friday, October 2 from 9am EST to 4:30pm EST daily. Register right now to get complete details and secure your seat.

The purpose of WOKE is to strategically dismantle racism that arise daily by reaching across the aisles of race and choosing to act in ways that promote mutual understanding, appreciation and respect.

There have been so many sharp racial realities that have been hidden in plain sight, but now with the aid and accessiblity of video technology, many of those suppressed truths are rapidly surfacing and rearing their “ugly heads” in througout our society. Despite all of the progress that have been made in times past, there is still so much ground to cover and uncover in America. Our history truly tells a story of two different narratives depending on which racial lense you are viewing from.

This virtual 2-day intensive workshop is an experiential, personal exploration of race and its impact on our perspectives that aspires to inspire and transform the individual from the inside out. Regardless of where you land on the spectrum of unconscious bias and race awareness, it is becoming no longer acceptable to remain complicit and ignore the inevitability of these stark realities especially in America. “With a determination to go far beyond “talking about diversity”, this approach tested over several years, unlocks a depth of connection and learning unprecedented in mixed race company” says ChoicePoints Learning.

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This workshop will introduce you to simple yet radical practices that will open doors to cross-racial relationships of greater honesty. You will have ample time to use strategic tools, moving through the discomfort and staying in the conversation, letting others know and appreciate who you really are and build real, authentic connection. Those willing to be curious instead of careful in mixed race conversations will be at the forefront of unlocking the enormous buried potential in today’s organizations. CPL experiences are wholehearted and designed to resonate with each participant in ways that drive sustainable awareness and stimulate action.

What You Can Expect From the Learning Experience:

A healthy mix and representation of different cultures — black and white brought to the virtual experience to explore race and its impacts and implications.

A safe container (bubble) for sharing your own formative story about race and hear from others with an open and welcoming mindset.

An awakening of aspects as it pertains to the daily lives of people of color that had been invisible and developing new levels of self-awareness through conversations about cross-perception.

A practicing of good questioning, interactive listening, radical storytelling and probing techniques and skills.

A practicing of building on beloved community through constructive action.

An educating on how experiences play into daily multi-racial interactions and how to share perspectives in new ways.

What You Can Expect Upon Completion Of The 2-Day Workshop:

CHALLENGE your hidden assumptions around race and systemic racism

RECOGNIZE differences between the everyday experiences of races (whites and black and brown skin people)

EXPERIENCE genuine conversations about race in mixed race company

DEMONSTRATE the courage to stay curious instead of being careful — to say what you are really thinking and ask what you are really wondering without fear, reservation or pressure

UNDERSTAND what it means to be yourself in racially mixed groups both professionally and personally

EXPLORE choice points that exist in your daily life to intentionally promote mutual understanding, awareness, and respect

This life-changing experience is designed for every leader, influencer, professional and entrepreneur alike. This subject matter affects ALL of us and finally we have viable strategies to bring solutions all in the spirit of harmony, brotherhood, sisterhood and unity — regardless of culture. It is OUR turn collectively to be the change agents in our generation — so that the next and next thereafter will be left far better and greater!

Remember to stay WOKE! Register and secure your spot right away. Should you need to speak with a ChoicePoints Learning partner directly, contact Tracy Carmen-Jones at

Also, kindly share this article throughout your networks and among your organizations, so that this information can be exposed to as many as possible. At the end of the day, it’s truly about changing lives through meaningful conversation — one at a time.

“Our intimate learning experiences about race help you see what was once invisible and speak to what has been unspoken in mixed race company. We believe that understanding, mutual appreciation and respect is created and cultivated through conversations that lead to demonstrable actions.”ChoicePoints Learning

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